Dare to Live



Comfort Zone. Those two words can cause an array of emotion and feeling. Lets explore that word together for a bit. Comfort zone gives a sense of security, safety and yes, comfort. It is a place we are familiar with, we know this place, we can sit back and relax, it even feels like home or like your favorite go-to-shirt. Comfort zone also can feel stale, or like guests that has overstayed their welcome. Comfort zone becomes a place of discomfort, and dare I even say, like an internal battle field as we fight within ourselves to stay comfortable and safe but also to desire to move forward and grow, to go places, all at the same time.

Growth happens when we step outside of this comfort zone into a place that is uncomfortable and even scary at times. It feels clumsy and awkward as we take steps into an unknown space, fear is shouting out saying ‘this is not safe anymore’. Growth is calling, ‘it is scary, yes, but exciting and the challenge and growth is worth the risk’.

A friend once said to me ‘where fear and excitement meet, watch how life moves forward as the two merge’.

Yes, it is scary to step outside the comfort zone, but I think it is even scarier to stay in the comfort zone. The long term results of not taking a risk and stepping out will leave a person with regret and disappointment. Every individual has a purpose to fullfill in life, it will take leaving comfort behind and stepping into the unknown, to risk to walk out that purpose.

I challenge you today to take a step towards the discomfort of change, fire fear from his job and listen to the voice of opportunity calling you to something new. Oh, it may not be easy, but set your thoughts on the goal and the discomfort soon becomes a place of discomfort with excitement enough to push you forward.

Manage Depression Instead of it Managing You

Depression is a word that is commonly felt, yet not talked about enough. Way to many people suffer depression and mental health concerns in silence. January blues are felt by many individuals resulting in depression. A few symptoms of depression are an overwhelming sense of sadness, fatigue, lack of interest in usual activities, hopelessness, increased or decreased appetite, irritability (feeling on edge), isolating, seeping to much or not enough. Depression can feel like being in a long dark tunnel with no sign of light at the end of it.

You are not alone! Depression is a silent sufferer and affects many. Some tips for managing depression are as follows:

-Talk to your Physician or a Counsellor

-Exercise daily, even a short walk will help

-Eat healthy ballanced meals

-Visit with friends


-Engage in enjoyable activities

-Listen to your favorite music (try singing along, maybe even dance)

-Practice gratitude, try a gratitude journal

-Create a support network around you

-Be Intentional

It can be hard to hope when feeling sad and depressed, yet being intentional with your activities and reaching out for support will help. Asking for help is a sign of strength not of weakness.

Don’t wait until you feel desperate and alone in sadness and depression, talk to someone today.

Call Ellen at 250-540-3159 today for a free 15 minute phone consultation


Your Experiences Have Shaped You


Raw truth...I did for many years, I hated myself and my story, until one day a dear and wise coach friend asked me to write a letter to my younger self. With much grumbling I agreed and then he said these words "remember, you had a choice". Those words changed my life in that moment, I wote the letter with choice and through the writing I came to the deep understanding that each hurt and pain and discomfort has shaped me in an intricate way. If all the hurt and shame and pain had never happened "who would I be?" I dont know, BUT, I do know that every experience shaped me and gave me gifts that I would not have without the experience, they gave me a deep passion and purpose for life, they created a love, an empathy and compassion. Each experience changed me into the woman I am today with a passion and desire to walk alongside other women as they overcome obstacles and live in their passion with purpose. I love that with each experience God has been inviting me closer into a deeper relationship with Him. He keeps persuing me. Today I am thankful for the experiences that have shaped me, I am thankful for my story and how it continues to weave a beautiful tapestry of my life, each flaw, crease and mended rip has given it character and strength. 
What does your tapestry say? How have your experiences shaped you? Who would you be without those experiences? Would you have the same passions and purpose? 
Embrace your story and the shapjng it has done, it has created a beautiful YOU!

Dare to be YOU!

We spend so much time in life trying to be the person we think we should be and trying to be the person we think others want us to be. We put pressure on ourselves to conform, to put ourselves in a box, a box that sometimes our true selves feel claustrophobic in and we just don’t fit into. We deny the uniqueness in ourselves to be truly seen. What would it feel like to dare to be You, the you you were designed to be? The you that is free from judgement of yourself or others, to let go and be your true self. Dare to let go of who you think you should be and dare to embrace your uniqueness.


Owning Our Story

At times in life it is easier to blame others for the hard parts of our story and fall into the victim trap. The bravest and most courageous step we can take is to own our story, even the hard parts, and ask ourselves "what is the opportunity? what is the lesson to learn?" Have compassion and love towards yourself in the journey. This is by far one of the bravest things you can do and in the doing you will find empowerment and strength.



GRATITUDE CHALLENGE - so many times in life we notice the negatives, we complain about the weather, our boss, our partner, the tempature of the coffee we just ordered and we complain about our children, the list continues. As I ponder my own life, I see the times when I have purposefully practiced thankfullness, noticed the moments I usually take for granted, like the smell of fresh cut grass, the hug from my child, a free country to live in, legs to walk with, a freindship - my world begins to shift and change, its like putting on a new set of glasses after not being able to see clearly for a long time.  When I practice gratitude joy bubbles up from within. My perspective changes. Life becomes brighter.  It does not mean the hard times do not exist, but what is the gift in the hard time? what is the opportunity in the challenge? What gives it value? There is much to learn from the difficulties, these values and lessons will be learnt when we look for the opportunity in the circumstance.  Gratatude is a choice. Practiced daily it can become a habit and a life changer.  What can you be thankful for today?  Start with one thing and add another. Write them down. Make a game of thankfuls,  how many thankfuls can you find today, this week, this month? 

Kindness, bright gerber daisies on my table, a box of fresh peaches, clean sheets, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, weekends, freindship, clean clothes freshly washed, hot cup of tea, lessons on communication during challenging conversations, laughter, blue skies, how to budget during financial difficulty, birds chirping.....and the list continues


Stepping Stones

Mistakes and failures often become obstacles in life. What if instead of looking at them as obstacles we would look at them as learning tools.? Put them under our feet and use them as stepping stones to grow. Instead of stumbling blocks let them be stepping stones into a future designed for you and shaped by your experiences. 


The Journey

One step forward at a time gets us to the top...one step at a time gets us to the goal we have been striving towards. Sometimes the climb up is slow and arduous, yet with each step forward the goal becomes more achievable. With each step there is opportunity. With tenacity and courage the next step is taken and soon the top is achieved. There is greatness and victory in reaching the top, however the journey to get there is what creates in us a strength and endurance, it teaches us lessons and values about ourselves and others that we could only learn through the hard work of taking one step at a time and not giving up, continuing on even when the journey is difficult. The journey is just as important as reaching the destination for it is in the journey that we learn the most valuable lessons of life: bravery, courage, honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, love for ourselves and for others, empathy, compassion, endurance and a trust in God. These are just a few of the lessons we gain as we climb upwards, each one is like a treasure that we take with us, making the achievement that much greater. The top is attainable with some effort and every step we take has a gift to gain if we look for it, so let's take the journey step by step, knowing that victory is in each step, and at the top we can confidently know we learnt, we grew, we became stronger becouse of the journey, making the goal that much more victorious. 


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