Dare to Live



Comfort Zone. Those two words can cause an array of emotion and feeling. Lets explore that word together for a bit. Comfort zone gives a sense of security, safety and yes, comfort. It is a place we are familiar with, we know this place, we can sit back and relax, it even feels like home or like your favorite go-to-shirt. Comfort zone also can feel stale, or like guests that has overstayed their welcome. Comfort zone becomes a place of discomfort, and dare I even say, like an internal battle field as we fight within ourselves to stay comfortable and safe but also to desire to move forward and grow, to go places, all at the same time.

Growth happens when we step outside of this comfort zone into a place that is uncomfortable and even scary at times. It feels clumsy and awkward as we take steps into an unknown space, fear is shouting out saying ‘this is not safe anymore’. Growth is calling, ‘it is scary, yes, but exciting and the challenge and growth is worth the risk’.

A friend once said to me ‘where fear and excitement meet, watch how life moves forward as the two merge’.

Yes, it is scary to step outside the comfort zone, but I think it is even scarier to stay in the comfort zone. The long term results of not taking a risk and stepping out will leave a person with regret and disappointment. Every individual has a purpose to fullfill in life, it will take leaving comfort behind and stepping into the unknown, to risk to walk out that purpose.

I challenge you today to take a step towards the discomfort of change, fire fear from his job and listen to the voice of opportunity calling you to something new. Oh, it may not be easy, but set your thoughts on the goal and the discomfort soon becomes a place of discomfort with excitement enough to push you forward.