Manage Depression Instead of it Managing You

Depression is a word that is commonly felt, yet not talked about enough. Way to many people suffer depression and mental health concerns in silence. January blues are felt by many individuals resulting in depression. A few symptoms of depression are an overwhelming sense of sadness, fatigue, lack of interest in usual activities, hopelessness, increased or decreased appetite, irritability (feeling on edge), isolating, seeping to much or not enough. Depression can feel like being in a long dark tunnel with no sign of light at the end of it.

You are not alone! Depression is a silent sufferer and affects many. Some tips for managing depression are as follows:

-Talk to your Physician or a Counsellor

-Exercise daily, even a short walk will help

-Eat healthy ballanced meals

-Visit with friends


-Engage in enjoyable activities

-Listen to your favorite music (try singing along, maybe even dance)

-Practice gratitude, try a gratitude journal

-Create a support network around you

-Be Intentional

It can be hard to hope when feeling sad and depressed, yet being intentional with your activities and reaching out for support will help. Asking for help is a sign of strength not of weakness.

Don’t wait until you feel desperate and alone in sadness and depression, talk to someone today.

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