GRATITUDE CHALLENGE - so many times in life we notice the negatives, we complain about the weather, our boss, our partner, the tempature of the coffee we just ordered and we complain about our children, the list continues. As I ponder my own life, I see the times when I have purposefully practiced thankfullness, noticed the moments I usually take for granted, like the smell of fresh cut grass, the hug from my child, a free country to live in, legs to walk with, a freindship - my world begins to shift and change, its like putting on a new set of glasses after not being able to see clearly for a long time.  When I practice gratitude joy bubbles up from within. My perspective changes. Life becomes brighter.  It does not mean the hard times do not exist, but what is the gift in the hard time? what is the opportunity in the challenge? What gives it value? There is much to learn from the difficulties, these values and lessons will be learnt when we look for the opportunity in the circumstance.  Gratatude is a choice. Practiced daily it can become a habit and a life changer.  What can you be thankful for today?  Start with one thing and add another. Write them down. Make a game of thankfuls,  how many thankfuls can you find today, this week, this month? 

Kindness, bright gerber daisies on my table, a box of fresh peaches, clean sheets, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, weekends, freindship, clean clothes freshly washed, hot cup of tea, lessons on communication during challenging conversations, laughter, blue skies, how to budget during financial difficulty, birds chirping.....and the list continues