The Journey

One step forward at a time gets us to the step at a time gets us to the goal we have been striving towards. Sometimes the climb up is slow and arduous, yet with each step forward the goal becomes more achievable. With each step there is opportunity. With tenacity and courage the next step is taken and soon the top is achieved. There is greatness and victory in reaching the top, however the journey to get there is what creates in us a strength and endurance, it teaches us lessons and values about ourselves and others that we could only learn through the hard work of taking one step at a time and not giving up, continuing on even when the journey is difficult. The journey is just as important as reaching the destination for it is in the journey that we learn the most valuable lessons of life: bravery, courage, honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, love for ourselves and for others, empathy, compassion, endurance and a trust in God. These are just a few of the lessons we gain as we climb upwards, each one is like a treasure that we take with us, making the achievement that much greater. The top is attainable with some effort and every step we take has a gift to gain if we look for it, so let's take the journey step by step, knowing that victory is in each step, and at the top we can confidently know we learnt, we grew, we became stronger becouse of the journey, making the goal that much more victorious. 


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