Your Experiences Have Shaped You


Raw truth...I did for many years, I hated myself and my story, until one day a dear and wise coach friend asked me to write a letter to my younger self. With much grumbling I agreed and then he said these words "remember, you had a choice". Those words changed my life in that moment, I wote the letter with choice and through the writing I came to the deep understanding that each hurt and pain and discomfort has shaped me in an intricate way. If all the hurt and shame and pain had never happened "who would I be?" I dont know, BUT, I do know that every experience shaped me and gave me gifts that I would not have without the experience, they gave me a deep passion and purpose for life, they created a love, an empathy and compassion. Each experience changed me into the woman I am today with a passion and desire to walk alongside other women as they overcome obstacles and live in their passion with purpose. I love that with each experience God has been inviting me closer into a deeper relationship with Him. He keeps persuing me. Today I am thankful for the experiences that have shaped me, I am thankful for my story and how it continues to weave a beautiful tapestry of my life, each flaw, crease and mended rip has given it character and strength. 
What does your tapestry say? How have your experiences shaped you? Who would you be without those experiences? Would you have the same passions and purpose? 
Embrace your story and the shapjng it has done, it has created a beautiful YOU!